Social media offers multiple platforms that allow people to market themselves. It has given people the ability to share and promote their content. People can become famous overnight through Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. In the marketing world, social media is a great way to market your business, possibly the best way. Some of you out there want to learn how to create your social media content to market your business. You need to learn how to do it in a way that works for your brand. Here are some pointers from our playbook, that can help you create social media content tailored for your brand.

At Thrive Social, the first step in our process of creating social media content is brainstorming. The Thrive Social team comes together and have a discussion going over the particular client. We cover the client’s needs, goals, target audience, their voice or message, and tone. We try to understand our clients’ and think of the best ways to represent them through social media. Giving us here at Thrive the opportunity to step in our clients’ shoes to get a better understanding of them. Afterward, we use our knowledge of social media marketing, branding, and our experience to develop a marketing strategy tailor-made for that particular client. The essential part of creating effective social media content is the thought behind it.

Next, we create the content itself. We use resources like Adobe software, Canva, and other resources for social media content creation. After we create mock-ups social media posts or ads, we send them to our clients for review. 

During the review process, we have an open dialogue with our clients to make sure we cover all the points. We make sure to meet our client’s goals. We make sure the content we prepared for the client represents the client in the proper light. We try our best to make sure the material is targeting the right demographic. This process can typically range from two days to a week, depending on the content. Once we receive our client’s approval, we schedule the posts or ads. 

There you have it; I hope this provides you a better understanding of how to create social media content to market yourself. Much work happens during the first stage. Figuring out what your brand is, what’s the purpose, who is it for, and what is the best way your audience. Once you answer these questions, it becomes easier to create the kind of social media content design specially for your brand and target audience.